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Zi Wei Dou Shu, a form of Chinese astrology, is a well respected and detailed practice. The Chinese see time as cyclic and have 60 and 20 year cycles like the Mayan calendar. We use the 20 year cycles in Feng Shui. The personal ten year luck cycles are very revealing in showing the current challenges in your life, as these cycles can bring big changes. Bazi Chinese astrology focuses on identifying your most useful element to facilitate chi flow and prosperity. Zi Wei focuses more on your entire life and the effects the external environment will bring.

Zi Wei Dou Shu has twelve houses or “Palaces” which describe the different areas of your life. These include your self, property, children, parents & bosses, travel, siblings, career, money, spouse, friends, health and happiness or karma Palace. An astrology chart is the map of your personality and shows the energy potentials you are working with in your life in these different arenas. Your life Palace focuses on one of these different courts in particular every 10 years. 
There are important lessons to learn in each life aspect. Your life patterns are not cast in stone, but rather show the most likely road your life will take. If you are willing to look at yourself openly, you can choose to shape your life differently and in this way create more enjoyment and success. Knowing your chart will help you progress faster, increase self-awareness, avoid major mistakes and time important events in your life so you may benefit more. My Lifetime readings are not a program, but a hand-compiled custom analysis. The reports are brimming with personal information that will enlighten and surprise you 

1 hour  /   Aud $150

Online Only

Destiny Analysis

Birth chart Reading


"Destiny is not a matter of chance,  it's a matter of choice...It is not a thing to be waited...It is a thing to be Achieved"

Relationship Reading

Fortune Card Divination

30mins  /  Aud $35

Fortune Cards Reading is derived from the theory of Yi-Jing (易经) and it is a technique which helps to reveal the possibilities of things to us. Based on the philosophy of Yi Jing (易经), looking at the different indications given by a set of poker cards layout will help to direct us to the correct place of focus and take actions against our problem effectively. Instead of looking at every possible direction for a solution, a set of poker cards layout can sometimes help us to narrow down our choices or even narrow down the possible problematic point of an issue. 

In a reading, each card has a representation, and each suit also has its own representation. With different representation and combination of the meanings of each suit, we can based on the layout of the cards to do a detailed reading. Some people will ask about their wealth luck and I can help to direct which place is the problem to the person's wealth and what will be the likely situation that he can find his money. Fortune Card Reading can also tell if the "lack" in money is a psychological problem or a true lack in it. At times, the cards revelation are like a key to a locked door. All you need is the correct attention to the most important matter, and you will get the most efficient result.

What are the common questions people use Fortune Cards to answer?​​

  • I have a job offering right now, should I take it?

  • How is my wealth luck for the next twelve months?

  • I have a job offering from two companies, which one will be better?

  • There are three guys that I'm considering to have serious relationship, who should I pick?

  • There is a business opportunity coming up for me now, should I take it on?

  • Which is the best month for my wealth this year?

  • I have been very poor luck since I moved into this new place, could there be something wrong with my house? Could there problem with my house Feng Shui?

  • I am having problem with my relationship right now, should I stay on with this relationship?

yearly Transit Reading

Fengshui Audit

Online / Please Email or Whatsapp for further Enquiries

The quality of your home is determined by the layout, building orientation and landscape. All these can’t be changed or altered by a practitioner.

A practitioner can guide you in finding the ideal home and what to look out for, and should never declare that he or she can magically turn a bad house into a good one.

Feng Shui is not simply about colours, arranging furniture, or placing items and figurines around your house. There are many more layers to it that I can unveil to you.

I use a combination of methods during my feng shui audits instead of focusing on just one exclusively. This allows me to better assess the quality of the house and what tenants may go through as a result of residing inside. This, together with my knowledge and experience in BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu, gives me additional  insight into what might unfold in someone’s life.

Date Selection

Date Selection

Online / Please Email for further Enquiries

Everyone wants comfort, a good life and least amount of obstacles in life. This is one of the normal requirements of any person. Since life is unpredictable sometimes, people tend to seek ways and means to try to smooth out the bumps in life. In Chinese Astrology, the selection of an auspicious time for our important events is very important if we wish to ensure smooth implementation of a new venture. Date selection is considering the most important factor in Feng Shui Practice

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